Party House

The Brief

A dedicated cinema room with Sky HD boxe, Blu-Ray. Digital music distributed to all rooms in the property. The ability to have DJ equipment plug-in on a mezzanine level with its music played thought the property. Excellent sound quality and nothing was to be seen.

The Solution

The cinema room has 5.1 surround sound powered by an Denon receiver powering Sonance THX in-ceiling speakers, a 2m in-ceiling electric projector screen with a 1080p Epson projector. The client can watch Blu-Rays, Sky HD on the screen.

The DJ equipment was wired into the multi-room music system which allows the DJ to play in all of the rooms of the house. Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic speakers were installed behind grills to match the wall colour while extra speakers can be plug into to wall sockets to really make the house rock!!! 

What was the Clients thoughts on the installation

The client loved the idea of hooking up the DJ booth and watching Arsenal on the big screen is almost as good as being there.

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