Music systems that allow you to listen to music in any room of your home, you can also watch all of your high definition video on each of your TV’s…

We can design a music system which will allow each member of your family to browse, select and listen to music of their choice in every room. We have many different solutions for listening to your music wherever it is stored; whether it be CD’s, iTunes a hard drive or internet services like Spotify or Napster. This system can be integrated into a wider home system with controls for heating, lighting, security and HD video. In fact you can automate and centralise almost anything in the home. 

With the same concept in mind we can build a multi room HD video system which will allow you to access and watch all of your video options linking to multiple Sky boxes, CCTV, DVD library, PC’s and games consoles. With an integrated HD video system all equipment can be centrally located in one AV rack which in turn distributes out to every TV screen in the house. Using one remote control in each room means that you can select and watch any video source in any room simply at the touch of a button.

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