Lighting can transform your home.  Using the correct light fittings and layouts can give you the option to light your house according to different moods and enhance your living space.

Lighting control can be installed throughout your home or as single room lighting whether in a bedroom, living room or cinema room. Using an intelligent lighting system such as Lutron or Rako means that you have intelligent lighting at the touch of a button. Again, this can all be accessed via one simple pre-programmed universal remote control or from easy to use wall mounted switches.

Whole house lighting control incorporates all that you get from single room lighting but taking things a step further; controlling all the lighting in all your rooms from one central remote.
Lighting control is essential in every house whether it be a simple light switch or a multi-level lighting control system. We will help you to design your lighting system and integrate all lighting switches and dimmers into one intelligent system.

Lighting systems can bring your home to life when you are away, can set the mood automatically upon you entering your home and save electricity when you step out unexpectedly.

Indoor and outdoor lighting is extremely convenient with hand held system controllers. We can design, sell, and install lighting control systems into any room and we can design to any budget.

These simple systems are purposefully economic, yet robust enough for large size homes.

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